AnyVolt DC-DC converter DE-SWADJ

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AnyVolt DC-DC converter DE-SWADJ

Post by Daniel Wee » Fri 11 Sep 11 2009 2:34 am

The AnyVolt DE-SWADJ is a very interesting product - claiming to take inputs from 3-30V and gives a variable output of 1.25-13V.

Interestingly it uses the ON NCV51411 switching regulator in the standard configuration with a few different values. This seems to suggest that this will automatically switch from buck to boost as necessary but the datasheet never mentions this.

Note that the AnyVolt Micro is different from the AnyVolt DE-SWADJ. The latter is the one I use and the former is the one Thomas has been testing.

The LT3467 is available from DigiKey (USD2.12 in reels of 500, USD4.14 in single quantities). Farnell has comparable pricing.

The schematics for the regulator is as follows, as best as I can work out:-
DE-SWADJ.jpg (51.29 KiB) Viewed 9461 times
Note how similar it is to the datasheet recommended design:-
NCV51411.jpg (52.38 KiB) Viewed 9461 times
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