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DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Mon 09 Aug 09 2010 7:10 pm
by Daniel Wee
DragonLabs saved my A** twice today.

Sorry no video was recorded. I was test flying my Skywalker setup today. 1st flight I trimmed plane for level flight. Just visual / FPV flying to get use to how the Skywalker flies. A short test of RTH with settings from here. RTH performed outstanding. Stayed within 2500 ft LOS.
Second flight got a little more exciting. Reset neturals within DOSD. FPV after take-off. At about 500 AGL and 4000ft LOS total loss of video. After about 10-20 seconds of panic, activated Autopilot. Without a clue were plane was, and no video, plane appeared circling overhead at about 800-1000 AGL. Took over control to a uneventful landing.

Changed batteries and thought I had video figuired out for the the third flight, but as I quickly realized I was out about 5000 LOS lost total video again. Plane returned on Autopilot for about 10 minutes before I could locate it at about 1500 AGL above my head.

DragonLink and Dragon DOSD+ performed awesome, Thanks Guys

Now I just need to work on video. I have my video TX mounted on top right wingtip and I think when Autopilot brings my plane home. It is directly over my head and the video is blocked by the wing.
It appears that the Autopilot is also gaining some altitude on the way back maybe adding to my video problem.
I will try and recover the GPS track and post.

Any video suggestions would be appreciated. I am currently using 1280mhz with stock antenna on VTX and 8dbi patch on ground.

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Mon 09 Aug 09 2010 7:12 pm
by Daniel Wee
DOSD+ saves my plane (6 min 15 sec)

What a relief! I bought DOSD+ to help get me out of scrapes as well as because I love the technology. On this day Dragon OSD paid for itself by saving my Twinstar, motors, ESCs, servos, camera, video Tx, Dragon Link, IMU, GPS and hours of work from being lost somewhere on a mountainside

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Sat 25 Sep 25 2010 8:01 am
by Daniel Wee
DOSD+ saved my plane today!

I fly a Stryker & it was quite windy.
I fly out around 4000ft & notice weird black banding on the image, hmm... its still flyable - so carry on.
After another 10 seconds BANG! i loose image, black, nothing in my goggles! I can still hear my plane (in headphones) but have no way of flying it.
I hit my autopilot switch & wait!
Longest 5 mins of my life! I keep looking skywards & what do i eventually see in the distance? MY PLANE!
I immediately switch to LOS flying & land. After i brief sit down & drink I check video footage thinking i have something to show Daniel.
Footage is perfect - no loss of video!? I scratch my head & realise i have a break in the video cable to my goggles! If i had looked down at my camcorder i would of seen a perfect image on the LCD screen & could of used that to fly back! doh!
Even so my DOSD+ when asked to, responded & took control!
I have footage but its just a fly-out then AP fly back! hehe.

Lessons learnt & pats on the back to the Dragon!

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Wed 06 Oct 06 2010 6:51 pm
by Daniel Wee
I didn't get the way points working today but I did get the logger to work. Oh ya and the DOSD paid for itself today. The battery on my gopro died not long after I had turned for home.
chimaera: So rth was without any video?
Yep, nothing. I had just made the turn at my furthest point. The video got really crappy. Just for fun I flipped on the auto pilot. Not more than 30 sec later the screen went blank. I knew the general direction of the plane so I searched the sky but with the cloud cover it made it impossible to see so I started taking down my ground station so I could make a quick search and rescue if needed. After a couple of minutes I could hear the faint sound of the motor and it was getting closer. I looked to the sky and the plane was flying straight at me. I turned of auto pilot and landed the plane.
Darth Elevator: Incredible! And this is without laboriously configuring and reconfiguring to fine-tune the autopilot settings? I'm sure the sound and sight of your plane flying back to you brought be big smile to your face.
I don't know if it’s because the SW flys so well or if the DOSD just rocks. The only configuring that I did was to make sure the control surfaces were going the right way which in the beginning they were not. Yesterday I added a little GPS stabilization. I think that helps as well.

Yes, a big smile like this when I heard the plane but to tell the truth, I wasn't that worried. I had tested it enough that I was confident it would find its way home.
chimaera: Just to be clear then, you are just using the OSD only with no copilot or any stabilization other that the OSDs GPS data?
That’s right. From what I understand the DOSD has GPS stabilization built in. You just have to turn it on. I didn't know how to do that the day I flew with you guys. It's on now. I put the gain at 1 to start with. You can adjust the setting in the air for maximum stability but I haven’t yet. If I were you, I wouldn’t put any stabilization on the plane until you mess with the GPS. It works fine for me and saves me a whole mess of wires and setup.

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Tue 19 Oct 19 2010 10:00 am
by Daniel Wee

What I didn't tell eveyone about the story is that RTH saved another plane on the flight before. I installed a new V antenna and due to the short wire length, I installed it about even with the Black Box HD camera but behind it off to the right side about 2". I installed it correctly with the open V toward the front to have better video on the way back. What happend though is I went out about 2.3 km and when I turned around, the Black Box HD camera blocked the signal path to the 2.4 gHz antenna and I lost video. My spotter could see the plane, but it was only a dot. Hit RTH which flew it back into visual range. So even with it not tuned perfectly. Another save for the Dragon OSD!!!! I never put 2 and 2 together until later on the flight though when I lost video on final approach right at the end of the runway with the patch pointed right at the plane. The BB HD created a huge hole in the signal path.

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Sun 13 Feb 13 2011 7:59 am
by Daniel Wee
Autopilot Success Story

Hey guys, flew this morning, only like the 2nd time with autopilot functioning. It is controlling elevator and rudder on my 3 channel easy star. All AP settings are default except throttle as it is PASSTHROUGH and the rudder is reversed. I had the throttle control, and luckily I had audio still so I could somewhat judge speed via sound!

Anyways, it saved my plane, due to an apparent cold solder on the video wire, I lost video. Watch the video and see (or not see?) I shortened it so not too boring.

A big thanks to Daniel and the Dragon for bringing her home.

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Wed 16 Feb 16 2011 10:51 pm
by Daniel Wee
DOSD+ v1 just saved my day, my biggie airplane, my DL RX, my DX201, my Lawmate 1W 1.2GHz, my 10Ah batteries, FY-20, GoPro camera and itself.

I've lost video at around 3km away very close to trees just turned AP on and wait few minutes as far my video was black (camera died) and audio channel was clear of noise.. I was guessing everything is alright.. until I start hearing some noise.. thought it is going down... but.. looked to the sky above me and found my bird is turning circles!!! Wolla.. must celebrate it
Must edit DVR video and latter GoPro.

Thanks Dragons for adrenaline!

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Mon 14 Mar 14 2011 8:48 am
by Daniel Wee
The DOSD just saved my plane! I was flying into the sunset and about a mile out when I noticed my diversity controller was switching signals so I lifted up my goggles and turned my antennas in the correct direction. I put the goggles back on and had only static! I flipped it into RTH and started trying to figure out what happened. I was wiggling things with no luck. While messing with it I heard the buzz of the motor. I looked up and there was my plane directly above me! It had circled around already and was headed back into the wind. After getting it down, I found that the plug that plugged into the 5.8 TX that sends the signal to my Foxtech goggles had come unplugged. I don't know how I missed it while the plane was still flying.


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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Mon 18 Apr 18 2011 10:36 pm
by Daniel Wee
Just another: DOSD saved my Ass.

I made a personal 4.5Km distance run which went fine (only the Dlink signal gave some failsafe)

After that I went for some exploration and the wind was so strong that my Patch antenna fell from its tripod and landed on my head hurting me. I triggered the AP which saved my ass because the plane was diving in a forest:

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Re: DragonOSD+ saves the day

Posted: Mon 30 May 30 2011 9:13 am
by Daniel Wee
Took my Curalis powered glider out for a few flights today, using the DOSD and Dragon Link on a JR 8103a TX.


I reached the end of my video range at 2.4 miles. . .thank God for DOSD and RTH!!!

now to work on LONGER distance flights, better quality video, and LONGER video range.

Enjoy the video and music.

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