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Setting up ExpressionEngine

Posted: Wed 13 Jul 13 2011 7:49 am
by Daniel Wee
A number of directories need to have their permissions set. The specific directories are listed in the install instruction website here:- ... ation.html

A cache directory is also needed in the root directory of the install, that is in the same directory as the system and themes directories. To enhance security, a blocking index.html file should be placed in the cache directory after it is created. This is to prevent the directory contents from being listed by default.

In some cases, there may be config.php file changes that are necessary to allow logins to work. This seems to vary from case to case, though, depending on the host and the service provider it seems.


Re: Setting up ExpressionEngine

Posted: Wed 13 Jul 13 2011 9:21 pm
by Daniel Wee
The local URL and directory path needs to reflect what the Internet sees, not the local Windows address - eg. QNAP vs. xx.yy.zz

If this is not done, many of the secondarily referenced files, such as the CSS files, will not work.