Weller WD1000 and Hakko FX-951

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Weller WD1000 and Hakko FX-951

Post by Daniel Wee » Wed 12 Aug 12 2009 6:32 pm

The Hakko is 10W less than then 80W Wellers.
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The Hakko wins on:-
1. Compactness, fits more easily on the workbench
2. Audio beeps and alerts
3. Smart (well, not too smart) stand
4. Easy to change bits with heating elements
5. Good quality tips
6. Price

The Weller wins on:-
1. Power, 10W may not seem like much but you feel it
2. Robustness
3. Smarter controller, smart shutdown
4. Multiple temperature settings on a button

For now, the Weller is going back on the bench since I need the power.

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