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Re: RF Links

Posted: Mon 20 Dec 20 2010 9:43 pm
by Rris
As a test, i moved the transceivers into separate rooms, there is now probably 15metres spacing between the modules and 2 brick walls. 100% power (1Watt) and 4800bps data rate gives me ~93% of packets.

I still think aerocomms awful software has a lot to do with the error rate. Data timeouts and errors display no further information which is frustrating.

I've written a .net library for RF packet encoding/decoding using my protocol as defined in the other forum. This library can be used in any .net framework. I still need to write more to add further function, however as it stands, it is fully functional for the sensor and gps packet transmission. I'll start work on some sort of framework for the new config/test utility software tomorrow.

Daniel suggests trying on 2s lipo's to see if there is any improvement (could be bad power supply).

Re: RF Links

Posted: Mon 20 Dec 20 2010 11:20 pm
by Daniel Wee
If you have 50-ohm dummy loads, you can try those on both ends. That way you can be sure it isn't the SWR problem of the antenna affecting the performance. Plus that's an easy way to reduce output power, which could also reduce impact of multipathed signals.