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K1EL K3NG keyer

Posted: Mon 24 May 24 2021 10:46 am
by Daniel Wee ... Your-Keyer

Parts list:-
Arduino nano V3 or UNO
EN11-VSM1AF20 (optical encoder)
PC817 (opto-isolator/transistor)
3.5mm stereo socket x1
3.5mm mono socket x1

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Re: K1EL K3NG keyer

Posted: Mon 21 Jun 21 2021 1:53 pm
by Daniel Wee
In the end, I found that the K3NG emulator worked but lacked a bunch of features that I needed. Memory in the Arduino UNO was also very limited such that many features could not be included.

I went with an ESP32 board and an optical encoder. This also meant that I would have to write my own code to emulate the K1EL, which I did. I left out all the stuff I did not need such as RTTY and PTT support as I only needed the keyer itself. This was placed into an extruded Aluminum casing which then sprayed black. The upshot is that this is USB powered so it does not need a separate power supply and makes for a very compact unit that works well.