Setting up FT-DX10 with JTDX

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Setting up FT-DX10 with JTDX

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1. Install drivers for the CP2105 USB-serial chipset (can be obtained from the Yaesu page) ... compressed

2. In the radio, select FUNC->Radio Settings (bottom left)
- select MODE PSK/DATA
- leave Data Shift at 1500 (with DSP shift set to 0)
- RPTT = DAKY (only use RTS if your PTT Method in JTDX is RTS)
- RPORT GAIN = 6 (or less - depends on the playback level)
- set low and high filter limits to OFF

3. In the radio, select FUNC->Operation Setting
- select GENERAL
- CAT RATE = 38400

4. In JTDX, select Settings->Radio
- Rig = Yaesu FTDX101D
- select the appropriate COM port (from Device Manager->COM ports)
- Baud Rate = 38400 (should be set in the radio as well)
- Data Bits = Eight
- Stop Bits = One
- Handshake = None
- DTR = High
- RTS = High
- PTT Method = CAT (RTS works but will TX during reboot)
- Mode = Data/Pkt
- Split Operation = Fake It

5. In JTDX, Select Settings->Audio
Input = USB AUDIO CODEC (FT-DX10 from radio)
Output = USB AUDIO CODEC (FT-DX10 to radio)

6. In the radio - make sure mode is DATA-U or DATA-L as appropriate
- from screen, set RF Filter width to 3kHz
- from the right side knob, set SDR filter width to 3kHz


It seems to take quite a while before all these changes register in JTDX so just give it a long while. Maybe reboot the PC and power down the radio and turn it on again.
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