Timelapse from JPGs

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Timelapse from JPGs

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Filenames must be sequential without gaps. The Eken uses timestamps for the date and will contain gaps. The files will need to be renamed sequentially. One way is to open powershell and run the following script:-

dir *.jpg | %{$x=0} {Rename-Item $_ -NewName "Base$($x.tostring('000000')).jpg"; $x++ }

This renames it Base000000.jpg format which can then be ingested by ffmpeg.

Conversion to mp4 uses the following command line:-

ffmpeg -framerate 30 -start_number 0 -i "Base%06d.jpg" -crf 30 -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p out.mp4

This should work in Windows.
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