DragonOSD+ V2 price change

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Do you think the DOSD+ V2 is over-priced at USD159?

I'm not interested in the DOSD+ anyway
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DragonOSD+ V2 price change

Post by Daniel Wee »

I should mention that we are looking at a possible USD19 price increase on the DOSD+ V2 soon. This will bring the price of the DOSD+ V2 to USD159. The reason for this increase is to make it more worth dealers' while to carry the product. Otherwise the margins are too low and I don't want to low-ball the dealers. I am hoping that this would be something of a win-win for everyone, including dealers - as they, too, are an important part of our community and we should support them. I would love to keep the price at USD140 but at that price, it really doesn't work out well for dealers. USD19 should not be too much of an increase I hope, given that this OSD competes with and exceeds just about every other OSD out there at any price point (am I allowed to say that?) So I seek you guys' understanding in this matter - the increase doesn't go to us, it goes to the dealers.

This seems like the logical thing to do given that they have a wider network than we have. If you observe, right now we are just relying on the RCGroups thread for people to find out about us and all the time we are seeing people who either:-

1. have no idea where to buy DOSD+
2. have no idea what DOSD+ is

So we are thinking maybe by going to the dealers, it could help a bit in terms of publicity. Also, sales of the DOSD+ could be a lot better and hopefully the dealers can move more units than we can. This is the current thinking anyway - we'd love to hear more feedback from you guys.

This doesn't apply to DragonLink yet. John and Mike aren't dealers - they're more like co-owners, and co-producers. This isn't so much about expanding as it is about trying to make sure that people know about the DOSD+.

In the meantime, we will keep the price at USD140 until the dealers are ready to go. This could be a week or two from now. Just so you guys have a heads-up on this. If you guys have some feedback on this, we'd love to hear them too and will, insofar as possible, take them into consideration.

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Re: DragonOSD+ V2 price change

Post by kang »

It's hard to price stuff right. Without GPS/current sensor I do think $160 is sort of high however, regardless or margins and production costs. The "fine price" + good quality / support / list of features of the DOSDv1 made it's success in my opinion. DOSDv2 went higher, but with the good name of DOSDv1 and knowing you're getting all the features this time, that was ok.

But, I also know that while it's not as good, the ET OSD is $160 with logger and current sensor for example. People who are looking at these websites and not buying through forum are likely to buy an ET OSD as it's distributed everywhere and thus feels reliable (regardless of how good it is or not in reality, i never had one so i can't say)

People who know you through the forums already are going to be disappointed by the price upgrade (I suppose they wont let you sell at $140 if they sell at $160 ;p )
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