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Siglent SSA3021X

Posted: Thu 22 Jul 22 2021 3:08 am
by Daniel Wee

Re: Siglent SSA3021X

Posted: Thu 22 Jul 22 2021 9:26 am
by Daniel Wee
Hacking the SSA3021x for experienced dummies.

Login to the machine using telnet or a direct serial connection all described earlier in this thread.

Optionally plugin an USB stick in the system for securing backups from the system.
It will be automatically mounted at /usr/bin/siglent/usr/mass_storage/U-disk0

the “mount” command shows you what’s mounted where and if it’s in rw or ro mode.

make a backup of the relevant folders in the /usr/bin/siglant folder in case you break anything.
cp -R /usr/bin/siglent/usr/backup /usr/bin/siglent/usr/mass_storage/U-disk0/SSA3021x_backup
cp -R /usr/bin/siglent/firmdata0 /usr/bin/siglent/usr/mass_storage/U-disk0/SSA3021x_firmdata0

If you feel comfortable it’s time to start hacking.

Stop your analyser with this command.
killall ecomb
Your spectrum analyser display will go into freeze and stop operating, but don't worry it’s computer is still running.

Killing is necessary because the spectrum analyser is monitoring the /usr/bin/siglent/firmdata0 folder and we want to play with the contents of this folder, and it’s using almost all the cpu time, so your console becomes more responsive as a bonus.

now remount the firmdata0 folder in rw mode with this command.

mount -o remount,rw /usr/bin/siglent/firmdata0

now edit the system info file with “vi”
vi /usr/bin/siglent/firmdata0/NSP_system_info.xml

change the licence node into this:


Notice that temporally licences have a lower case “t” in front of them.
To make them permanent just add them at the end without the “t” as shown above.

now use the “sync” command to write all data to disk.

now remount the firmdata0 folder in ro mode with this command.

mount -o remount,ro /usr/bin/siglent/firmdata0

It’s now time to start the analyser again with this command:
/usr/bin/siglent/ecomb &

The analyser starts logging to the console.
The hack is complete and all options should be permanent and you have 3.2 GHz bandwidth.

you should now give the "reboot" command to reboot the machine.
There is still one little thing you need to take care of.
Wipe the user data because it was stored when the machine thought is was a SSA3021x where it’s now a 3022x, and this results in errors in the logs because the XML isn’t compatible.
Goto: System —> Pwr On/Preset —> Reset & Clear to remove all previously local stored user data.

That was easy, actually a little bit to easy as I might say.

Re: Siglent SSA3021X

Posted: Thu 22 Jul 22 2021 9:28 am
by Daniel Wee
Possible firmware to add telnet. Untested. added just for archival purposes.

Re: Siglent SSA3021X

Posted: Thu 22 Jul 22 2021 1:57 pm
by Daniel Wee