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Project to send a balloon into lower space with payload
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To Do List

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* Turn todo list into a set of milestones and dates for completion.

If we're going to do this, we need to plan this properly as John and Daniel will be flying in. I believe that between july and september will give us an optimal flight time. Daniel and John need to work out when their cheapest flights will be - from there, i think our plans should be fully ready to go 1 month prior to that date. This way if anything goes wrong we can get parts in/made/finished in time for their arrival.

* Get list of sensors that are applicable to the project
**- Narrow sensor list down to several candidates, test each as best as possible in near-vaccuum and very low temperatures (-60c or lower). Determine final sensors to use
* Design first run PCB's for payload
* Test payload at -60c or lower, and in near vaccuum - repeatedly to find any signs of stress or failure. Test with vibration and G forces (to simulate descent/pop)
* Test payload on r/c aircraft with RF for ascent/descent. Ground station should drive away as the plane is flown higher to test link range.
* Test batteries under low C/near vac conditions to determine best cells to use (NiMH, Li-ion, A123, Flightmax, Nanotech)
* Build final payload PCB's
* Build payload bay
* Source parachute
* Source balloons
* Test parachute system from R/C plane
* Figure out mechanics of balloon-parachute-payload
* Try to figure out a way to stabilise the payload post-pop for limited spin.

** Final assembly/testing

* Build ground tracking rig
**- Test antenna designs to get optimal range (Daniel?)
**- Test tracking system whilst driving offroad. Does it cope with bumps and thumps like driving over a rocky paddock?
* PC based tracking/telemetry software (integrate with oziexplorer API)

Must have at least two of everything!
We do not want to spend hours trying to work out what's wrong in the field or trying to fix something that got damaged... just replace it!

Please add to this list and break it down further where you see fit.
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