Module: Sensors

Project to send a balloon into lower space with payload
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Module: Sensors

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Temp (inside and out)
Gas sensors
light (sun brightness)
Geiger counter

sensors selectively shut down to save power - shutting down power hungry things like the geiger counter or if there is a fault.

Sensors shutdown at ground level after landing to save power.
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Re: Module: Sensors

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- barometric altitude
SCP1000 should do it, however it only works to -20c....

- temperature
IC TEMP SENSOR ANLG SC70-5 These appear to be the best digikey have. ±0.75°C, -55°C ~ 125°C. They are the most accurate with the lowest temperature. ~$5

IC TEMP SENSR PREC 2.4V SOT323-5 STMicro make these hoewever, ±1.5°C, -55°C ~ 130°C. ~$1. Depends on how accurate we want the temps to be.

- relative humidity
HIH-4030-001 SENSOR HUMIDITY 5.8V 3.5% SMD seems to be the best one out there. ~$13 in singles. 0 ~ 100% RH range (best) -40°C ~ 85°C (best) and 5s response time (best). It's also one of cheapest by far.

- light level sensor
Various ways to go...
BH1750FVI-TR IC AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR 560nm - detects green light, has I2C interface ~$3 in single qty.
IC SENSOR PHOTO ILLUMINANCE SMD 600nm - detects orange light, analog interface, ~$1

I don't think we want to go with CdS photocells for detecting light.

There is also photoresistors of course.. but those are boring :P

- IR sensor

- UV sensor

- Geiger counter?
See separate thread

- IMU for roll/pitch
Use whatever Daniels latest concoction is.

- compass
Do we want tilt compensation? That changes the price from $17 without to about $140 with.

- Voltage(s)
ADC's on the micro, or a 12-16bit ADC on I2C.

- Current draw
Should be low, so a 1-2amp allegro SOIC-8 or something should do just fine for this i think.

SENSOR CURRENT 5A 5V BI 8-SOIC max 5A, ±1.5% accuracy, 185mV/A ~$5.

What about something like this:
Air Quality sensor
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